Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located?

5401 W. 65th Street, Chicago, IL 60638
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How Are Custom Requirements Described?

Art Wire can furnish quotes from customer samples or detailed drawings. Photographs can also be a source if notes are included pertaining to dimensions and weight considerations. Additionally, you may call our Customer Service Department to verbally describe your objectives. Our professional staff will ask you all the pertinent questions. We encourage you to visit our Custom Display Specifications form, in advance, to preview the abundance of factors that influence the final design and price.


How Will I Receive A Price Quotation?

Art Wire will provide you with a unit price quotation for any quantity or quantities you desire. If fixtures must be fabricated we will identify the cost as a separate one time tooling cost. We will fax or e-mail the quote and a "hard copy" will be sent via U.S. Mail


Why Separate Tooling Costs From Unit Costs?

Art Wire does not amortize fixture costs within the product's unit cost because customers would be duplicating this payment with each reorder. Additionally, your Accounting Department may choose to capitalize the tooling cost as an asset for depreciation.


How Is Finished Product Shipped?

Art Wire will ship via U.P.S. or Federal Express. For larger shipments our traffic department will choose a truck carrier unless one is specified by the customer.

How Is Credit Established?

Customers are encouraged to furnish our Accounting Department with a bank reference and four business references. C.I.A., C.O.D., and deposit are other options depending upon the nature of the order.

Will Art Wire Store My Completed Order?

Yes. Art Wire's vast facilities allow for no-charge temporary storage of your completed order. Customers may fax releases for direct shipment as sales develop. There is a minimal clerical charge for each drop shipment location.


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