About Art Wire

Since the early 1940's, Art Wire Works has been in the business of wire forming and fabricating. Time, technology, and financial resources have enabled us to evolve into a major resource for the design and production of a wide spectrum of products with international distribution.

Art Wire is comprised of three divisions. Our Display Division offers design, drawings, prototypes, in-house production, insertion, storage and drop-shipping. Aside from our reputation for innovative merchandising display design we also offer an extensive line of stock displays.

Our Lampshade Division is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of ring sets and full frames for the lamp and lighting industry. Along with over two hundred stock items our customers can specify shape, dimension, wire gauge, wire finish and fitter characteristics.

The Industrial Division specializes in the custom production of components and products for other O.E.M. manufacturers. Respect for pricing, quality and response time has earned Art Wire a loyal following from many of the nation's largest companies.

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