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A Full Range of Welding Services in Bedford Park, IL

Welding is the heart of the manufacturing process at Art Wire Works, Inc. It is the step that takes our products from being disassembled components into complete units ready for finishing and then shipping to our customers. Our welding services in Bedford Park, IL, are comprehensive thanks to the skills of our technicians and the variety of equipment we use in our shop.

You can have confidence that we’ll handle your project without delay as we use spot welders in addition to butt, MIG, TIG, and T-welders, which allow us to join components in whatever configuration is necessary. We can weld various metals, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, in sizes from 0.25” to 5” outside diameter.

Our tubing metal fabrication team works with round, square, and rectangular tubes to create whatever piece you require. Not only can we work with various metals and shapes of raw materials, but we can also help you envision the final product by offering extensive design and engineering services. If you need a prototype created, we can take the prints and drawings you supply and bring the idea to completion in a working, finished object.